Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vag Hand

I've been completely negligent with posting. Even my blog-alarm has been sensibly overridden either by my own activities or by Ginger who knows better than to let me remain stuck to a chair at work to force a blog entry out of me while my bosses glare over my shoulder (which hasn't happened yet, thankfully!)

Well, I suppose that there's not much to report. Two kind of interesting things; one around a trance I only "know" happened but don't remember specifically, and the other a few minutes of me rambling on about how interesting the human mind is.

With the last trance with Sharky, I was given a "vag hand," as I've started calling it. This is another trigger - don't ask me the words, I don't remember - where when spoken, a unique symbol appears on my left hand, that looks something like |;|.

This |;| represents my vagina (and knowing that I think you can see the resemblance). This symbol is connected to my puss, so that when I - or ostensibly, others though this has yet to be tested - touch, lick, or otherwise manipulate the palm of my hand, it's as if they've done the same thing to my nether regions. Of course, this is only applicable when said symbol is up and running. Thank God. Imagine trying to type with that thing on. I dare you!

My other thoughts are in regards to Sharky's latest post. What I find most intriguing, especially for me, is how intensely and clearly Celeste visualizes her trances, how she "sees" herself (literally) going deeper, and how strangely different that is from my own experiences. It brings a whole new level of fascination to the arena for me. As I think is fairly obvious from other blog posts, I'm a very, very word-oriented person. I'm a feeler. I use descriptors the way some people use caps lock far, far too generously. I have never been able to visualize a single thing in trance, not once; even when told to visualize, my idea of that is centered around words. Feelings. How I "sense" the situation. I suppose this is why I never remember dreams, but always awaken with certain feelings I would associate either with goodness or badness.

Anyway, I thought Sharky's latest entry brought to life a very important thing for all hypnotists to remember: each and every subject is different and utterly unique, and it's impossible to say just how someone will react. There are standards, sure, but I think it misguided and misplaced to impose those upon subjects.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thoughtlessness and Wonder

So as I promised in one of my recent posts, I intended to describe to you what this blank trigger that Sharky “installed” felt like. I’m feeling lazy after writing a trance script, however, so I decided just to give you the low-down this way. ;) Besides, there’s nothing like initial reaction!

[21:44] Sharky: but first lets see your new trigger see how it feels ok?
[21:44] Scorpio: Okay.
[21:45] Sharky: Scorpio, go blank, slowly and tell me all about how it feels
[21:45] Scorpio: Mmmmm its like i'm bleeding
[21:45] Scorpio: bleeding all my thoughs away
[21:45] Scorpio: poke a hole and out they goaway
[21:46] Scorpio: coooold now
[21:46] Sharky: but it feels good dosnt it Scorpio
[21:46] Scorpio: away they go and i dont want to think anymore
[21:46] Scorpio: good to be mindless
[21:46] Scorpio: yes
[21:46] Sharky: and just sit there for a while and let yourself feel blank now
(There’s about three minutes here where Sharky leaves me hanging thusly mindless)
[21:49] Sharky: and Scorpio, time to come back, human time, slowly
[21:49] Sharky: and let me know how it feels too
[21:49] Scorpio: warmer now
[21:49] Scorpio: feels like drinking soup
[21:50] Scorpio: when you're cold and numb from being outside and you sip a bowl of soup and it warms you all over
[21:50] Sharky: and do you remember your blank time?
[21:50] Scorpio: Not as a memory. I don't know how to say it. I remember it but I don't remember it. I was here but my mind wasn't.
[21:50] Scorpio: I just was.
[21:51] Sharky: :)
[21:51] Scorpio: I was just a body.
[21:51] Scorpio: Like anything else. Like my chair. Nothing, but something.
[21:51] Sharky: and Scorpio, remember now
[21:52] Sharky: because this was a very unique kind of trance wasnt it
[21:52] Scorpio: That was the strangest thing yet Sharky.
[21:52] Scorpio: That's even more bizzare than stepping out, and that's freaky every time. Freaky, but good.
[21:53] Scorpio: I'm still kind of cold though. Hands and legs are frozen but they're unthawing as we speak.
[21:53] Scorpio: Wait. Did you bring me out or did Ginger?
[21:53] Sharky: ginger brought you out too :)
[21:53] Scorpio: All I know is that you were telling me I was coming back to consciousness.
[21:53] Sharky: and the memories went away :)
[21:54] Scorpio: Yeah. O.o
[21:54] Sharky: the funny thing is that if you really think about it the most real thing about trance is the trance itself
[21:55] Sharky: and having that slow down and happen outside of your awareness at first as it envelops you is probably the one experience that's most real

This was another time with the blank trigger:

[01:06] Sharky: you doing anything btw ?
[01:06] Scorpio: Not currently. *Eyes.*
[01:06] Sharky: Scorpio, go blank very slowly
[01:06] Sharky: that should occupy you then :)
[01:07] Scorpio: going to spank you
[01:07] Sharky: you can try holding on to your thoughts
[01:07] Sharky: see how long you last
[01:08] Scorpio: can feel them sliding out of me warm and soft
[01:08] Sharky: keep describing the feeling to me
[01:08] Sharky: lets see how long you'll take
[01:09] Scorpio: everything goes with them all feeling all sweetness all light gone going dimming falling collapsing and melting
[01:09] Scorpio: pouring out of the bbowl
[01:09] Scorpio: feeling cold but that is going too
(Three minutes seems to be the length of time it takes me to lose most all ability to think)
[01:12] Scorpio: hard now
[01:12] Sharky: of course it is
(Blank for a whole eight minutes now)
[01:20] Sharky: Scorpio, human time, slowly
[01:20] Sharky: and describe yourself coming back as well for me please
[01:20] Scorpio: eerie
[01:21] Scorpio: steady with each breath another handful of thoughts
[01:21] Scorpio: memories
[01:21] Scorpio: colder again like frost crawling up my spine
[01:22] Scorpio: dizzy
[01:22] Scorpio: aware but baffled and struggling to catch each one as it returns
[01:23] Sharky: that was a fairly long time to be blank there
[01:24] Scorpio: It was ... as bizarre and otherworldly as ever.
[01:26] Sharky: :) I'm glad
[01:26] Scorpio: My head hurts again. ><;
[01:26] Sharky: is it bad?
[01:27] Scorpio: Not really.
[01:27] Scorpio: Just an ache behind my eyes and that coldness everywhere.


Also of interest, I have surrendered my orgasms for a week from Sharky to The Girlfriend … as per the agreement, I cannot orgasm, or make myself orgasm, without The Girlfriend’s permission … for the whole week. Being a prideful person, and what have you, I hate to ask for anything, anything at all - and this especially will be difficult to ask for! Kinky, and so sexy, because The Girlfriend is a total dish … what an exquisite torture!